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  1. Multi-purpose A4 Copy Paper
  2. Multi-purpose A4 Copy Paper
  3. Multi-purpose A4 Copy Paper
  4. Multi-purpose A4 Copy Paper
  5. Multi-purpose A4 Copy Paper

Multi-purpose A4 Copy Paper

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Base Weight: 70GSM, 75GSM, 80GSM Whiteness: 94-96%, 98-100%, 102-106%

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Multi-purpose A4 Copy Paper

Product Description:

Material: 100% Wood Pulp,mixed pulp,recycled paper

Size: A4, A3,A2,A1 Letter size(8.5x11), Legal size(8.5x14) ect,

Base Weight: 70GSM, 75GSM, 80GSM

Whiteness: 94-96%, 98-100%, 102-106%

Packing: 500 sheets/ream, 5/10 reams/carton(box)


A4 Copy Paper


100% wood pulp


A4, A3, Letter size(8.5x11),Legal size(8.5x14)

Base Weight

80gsm, 75gsm, 70gsm


96-98%,100-102%, 102-104%


500 sheets per ream, 5/10 reams per carton(box)

Load Qty(20ft)



Letter size

Legal size


8000 reams

4000 reams

8000 reams

6300 reams


8200 reams

4100 reams

8500 reams

6500 reams


8400 reams

4200 reams

8800 reams

6700 reams

Key performance

No jam in photocopy machine

No double feed 

Stay flat after copying

Leave no dust in the copy-machine

Nice appearance-white and clean

Nice touch-smooth and bulky

No see through-print both sides

Been developed for: Photocopy Machines, Laser Printers, Ink-jet Printers, Fax Machines

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